Summer College Student Fellowship Program

Apr 9, 20210 comments

What: A stipended, 8-week summer experience for 20-hours per week to help elect Brooke Lierman as Maryland’s first woman Comptroller and to learn about how campaigns work! Learn about Brooke at

Who: Seeking college students who have an enthusiasm for civic life, liberal politics, and are interested in learning new skills and meeting new people! No prior political experience needed. 

When: June 21, 2021 – August 20, 2021, 20 hours per week and with schedule flexibility.

Virtual or in-person: The core of the fellowship will be run virtually. Some opportunities will be in-person pending COVID-19 trends, however in-person opportunities will be optional. 

Why: Because we need your help to ensure that Brooke is elected as our next Comptroller! Brooke will focus on solving the many challenges on income-based issues facing Maryland communities, families and small businesses. She will work to unlock the potential that exists in this state but which is out of reach for so many! 

The fine print:

  • This is a stipend position and will have more responsibilities than a typical volunteer role.
  • You will hear weekly from speakers in Maryland and national politics
  • You will start organizing your campus/school/community – hosting a virtual or in-person event with other folks from your Maryland school, etc., so you know what it’s like to do on-the-ground organizing 
  • You will be the lead for your area when it comes to direct voter contact 
  • You will help amplify the campaigns message via social media, events and recruitment 
  • You will help plan, find and execute campaign events 
  • You will learn how to network with activists in your area 
  • You will learn how to use VAN – VoteBuilder– upon which all Democratic campaigns rely. You will help input data, etc. 
  • You will interact with voters (in a safe way) at events around the state and knock on doors in key precincts and phone bank with us
  • You will be involved in program planning and brainstorming and input will be welcome on any work of the campaign 
  • Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a letter of recommendation and a member of the campaign will be happy to serve as a reference for future opportunities

To Apply: Complete this Google Form by May 7th, 2021. You can also access the Google Form at

Deadline to Apply: May 7. Everyone who applies will be notified by May 14th if they have been selected for the program. Accepted applicants will be sent details on the program, an official start date/time, and a memorandum about the Fellowship and working with the campaign! 

Thank you! We’re excited to work with you to Build a Better Maryland!