What Does The Comptroller Do?

May 12, 20210 comments

Since I started running for Comptroller, the question I get most frequently is “What does the Comptroller do?”

That is a great question! To help answer it, I made a short video to explain this little understood but very important office in Maryland.

A screengrab from the what does a comptroller do video

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Video Transcript:

This is Brooke Lierman. You’ve probably heard she’s running for Comptroller.

Here in Maryland, we elect three independently elected statewide offices: Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller.

But what exactly is a Comptroller?

The comptroller manages every dollar that comes into our state coffers and every dollar that goes out.

That’s money for school construction, transportation, broadband infrastructure, small business loans, and more.

The comptroller can also work with small businesses and Marylanders to make it easy to comply with tax laws and to apply for state contracts.

And the Comptroller needs to ensure everyone pays their fair share including corporations and the most wealthy.

State retirees count on the Comptroller to protect their pension benefits and help invest them wisely.

Now here’s something unique to Maryland. We have a three person Board of Public Works that ultimately decides how our tax dollars will be spent – and whether contracts will go to local companies or out-of-state ones.

Which three officials? The Governor, the Treasurer, and you guessed it, the Comptroller.

It’s a big job. And Brooke has big ideas for how to tackle the big issues Maryland faces – ensuring we are empowering small businesses, creating more financially-resilient communities, and focusing on pocketbook issues to support every Maryland family!

Learn more and join the effort to elect Brooke at www.brookelierman.com